Registering Trademarks in China

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Why Register?
  • Piracy and counterfeiting in China are predictable. File in China as early as possible to deter or prevent problems from arising.
  • Online trade platforms in China require registration as a condition to opening a branded “Flagship Store”.
  • If you produce in China, your supplier will press for registration to expedite customs clearance.
  • Registration in China is required as a condition to securing protection by PRC customs.
What to Register?
  • Before filing, search the register first to rule out conflicting marks. What comes up in the search may change your strategy and ultimately save time and money.
  • Prioritize the English mark, then develop a Chinese-character mark for use in parallel.
  • The use and registration of Chinese-language trademarks is an essential part of any marketing activity in Greater China.
  • Stay in control of your Chinese language brand rather than letting the market decide for you.
  • “Knock-out” searches: free in most cases; results available within 24-48 hours.
  • “Standard” searches: results will include detailed advice on dealing with any conflicting marks. Time required: 3-5 working days.

See also: “Pendency for Standard PRC Trademark Prosecution Matters“.

Information and Documentation Required
  • Scan of a signed Power of Attorney entrusting SIPS.
  • Scan of applicant’s Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Good Standing, issued within previous 12 months.
  • Applicant company’s name and address.
  • Applicant company’s Chinese name and address – if none exists, SIPS can create them.
  • List of goods or services of interest – SIPS will edit and present final list for approval before filing.
Other Recommended Steps

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