The East IP Group Launched with New Trademark Teams


Truly exciting times for SIPS.

From March 29, we are “East IP” or “亿思·” in Chinese.

We are joining forces with teams from three well-established Chinese IP firms.

The first two are Beijing East IP Limited and East IP Law Firm.

The third is a team of six partners led by China trademark veteran Jimmy Huang Jingwen. Jimmy and his team of 36 professionals and staff are arriving in stages beginning April 1.

As you may know, SIPS was established in 2012 in Hong Kong by partners seeking to provide the highest level of IP protection services, with our primary focus on trademark prosecution, IP investigations and enforcement.  Since then, our team has grown to more than 90 professionals and staff operating in four cities in China.

Aside from our greater resources and depth, we will now be able to assist with patent prosecution and advisory work, as well as enforcement involving all types of IP rights China through East IP Law Firm, which operates in Beijing and, starting in May, Shanghai.

The new East IP Group is co-chaired by SIPS founder Joe Simone and the head of our patent practice, Li Xiaodong.

Meanwhile, our trademark prosecution team will be led by incoming partner Jimmy Huang.

We are proud to note that women comprise half of our partners and 72 percent of our trademark team.

Finally, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to the admin teams of SIPS and East IP in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong for their enormous efforts over the last year, including on HR, finance, and the construction our new Beijing office (see here).

The Partners of East IP (formerly SIPS):

Joe Simone / Dan Plane / Helen Tang (SIPS founding partners)

Joann Chan / Joshua Miller / Mai Lin