Trademark, Enforcement & Other IP Services

Our core services are focused upon registration, investigations and enforcement of rights, both in China and globally.

To better understand the breadth of our services, we invite you to visit our Knowledge page, which offers an extensive library of case studies, best practices and updates on legislation and IP policy in China.

We also assist clients on a wide range of related matters, including trade secret protection, supply chain integrity, distribution, sourcing and IP development agreements, advertising, and regulatory issues.

For information on our patent registration and advisory services, please see here.

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Our IP Services

  • Portfolio Management

  • Clearance and Registration of Trademarks

  • Anti-counterfeiting

  • Enforcement of All Types of IP Rights

  • Online IP Protection

  • Customs Recordal

  • Investigations Management

  • Supply Chain Consulting

  • Licensing

  • Due Diligence

  • Domain Name Registration and Enforcement

  • Privacy